Are You an Individualist or a Collectivist? Democrats and the “Liberal” Lie

By Daily Viper / February 28, 2018

These people are not Liberals. We should call them by their real name, Leftist Collectivist Communists. And they are evil.

For a while now, I haven’t called Democrats liberals because lets face the facts. These people are not liberal in the actual sense of the word LIBERAL. They are not classical liberals. They don’t espouse the principles of liberty, individuality, and personal freedom. They don’t want to leave you alone to simply live your life. They are not liberal. What these people, the Democrats in America, and whatever the European Union is in Europe, are doing with the word “liberal” is they are using it as a shield, they are playing psy ops with people’s emotions, and boy, we know they rely on emotions. They rely on the positive perception that the word “liberal” bears with it. Just like they rewrote the history to convince people that fascism and Nazism are right-wing ideologies, they are trying to convince everybody that the values they espouse and their agenda is a liberal agenda.

What they are is they are leftists? They espouse collectivism. They espouse communism. They espouse socialism. They espouse fascism, which by the way is the literal translation for the term collectivism in Italian. Let’s repeat that. They are collectivists! They don’t believe in individualism. They don’t believe in the value of individual liberty, individual human life, individual choice, individual prosperity and success, individual happiness. They believe in the collective, in social justice, not individual justice. They don’t believe in personal property. They believe that the collective is more important than the individual in that collective. Just like Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Mao, Hitler, Mussolini, Castro, Chavez, the list of mass murderers and mass murder enablers aka philosophers who’ve never held a real job in their lives, goes on and on. They want to usurp your individual freedom and individual choice for a utopian social good. Never mind that you are forced to shut your business as a result of that or in the case of Stalin you dare to save some of your food production to sell. It is all happening for a higher, brighter good. Now go back to the gulag, you filthy capitalist evil pig!

The aforementioned reads as a rant, because it is. These people are hiding behind a mask, behind a shield, and they rely on your naivete, on your ignorance, and on your inability to find the time in your daily life to think about these two political philosophies and decide which one you agree with. They rely on you not reading between the lines and not looking into the underlying ideology that their “liberalism” is carrying. They rely exactly on people’s selfishness. They keep repeating the word liberal, the word progressive and your instinctive reaction is “Good!” But what it’s all about is Individualism versus Collectivism. Remember that and ask yourself — Am I an individualist or a collectivist? And no, individualism does not equate to selfishness. Individualism cherishes the small community, the nuclear community that is your family, the people that live around you, the ability to gather with these people and decide what is best for you, your kids, and your surroundings, your voluntary charitable donation, not the collection of 50% of your salary at gunpoint in order to contribute to a welfare state. This is individualism. This is conservatism. Conservatism seeks to conserve the values and principles of the constitution, of the successes of our culture, and the liberty of the individual.

Just ask yourself. Are you an individualist or a collectivist?

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