All-In 2020. Political Card Decks Explained and the Power of Compassion


Alright ladies and gents, boys and gals, masktards and retards, and all the other 78 genders, fruits and veggies, and mental conditions (everybody’s welcome as long as you behave), I know my last post was pretty lengthy. At first I thought this one was going to be no different. However, I decided to have a different approach by sporting a brand new attitude and a brand new format from what I first envisioned about All-In 2020. First, I will separate all my thoughts and analyses from the past two months into several All-In 2020 posts (maybe they’ll keep coming as more cards are being drawn) and they are all going to include a new component. Compassion for the retard. I know in my last post about the coronavirus scam I was being rather blunt and it sounded as if I was pissed off, which I wasn’t, but I did swear a lot, and I admit, I am also guilty of gloating a bit more than I probably should have. In these upcoming posts, I am going to elaborate a little more on the virus, I’ll share my thoughts on the George Floyd/BLM/Antifa/War on Cops/racism situation, and I’ll put everything in the perspective and context of the current 2020 Election year that we are facing. But first, I’ll make an attempt to open some people’s eyes to the way the world handlers work in my opinion. Why? Because I’m allowed to have a goddamn opinion and there is no better time to do that than 2020. In a way, it’s a great time to be alive.

As I said, I got to a point where my entire demeanor towards the political stage and the meat puppets is starting to change. Instead of ranting and being frustrated at people’s retardation and self-indulgent virtue signaling about “saving people”, whether it be from a raging virus or systemic racism, this time I am trying to be completely driven by compassion. Compassion for the retard. As I said, this is going to be a recurring theme. It is not easy. And I’m not joking or attempting to mock anybody. I am trying to develop real compassion for the meat puppet retards. I can’t get angry at the cripple for not standing so I can’t get angry at people for not being able to see and think properly. Instead, I’ll have compassion for people’s oxygen-depleted brain remnants and those who want to save themselves from dried up nuts are very welcome to read on. I’ll try not to swear as much, but if you don’t like what you are reading, you should remember, you came to MY blog, which means you are always free to hit the X button and go back to your masturbatorium.


So let’s begin by figuring out how this whole theatrical act you are witnessing on the so called “news” works. IN MY OPINION. Imagine a deck of cards. And I know this is probably going to make a lot more sense to the people who used to play those role-playing card games when they were kids, (for the record, I was not one of those kids) but once you grasp the idea it makes a lot of sense and it’s pretty easy. So imagine a deck of cards, and each country or institution of sorts has its own deck of cards to play with. I’ll use America as an example for the purposes of this exercise since right now this is the most obvious manifestation of the card deck theory.

Now there’s all kinds of cards in a deck. So you got your War Card, your Terrorism Card, your Gun Control Card, your Mass Shooting Card, your Crash the Economy Card, your LGBTQ alphabet soup Card, you got your Racism Card, Eat the Rich Card, Capitalism is Evil Card, Revolution Card, Socialism Card, the list goes on and on. As you’re watching the news, reading the paper, listening to your favorite talking head, or looking at what’s happening in your city, what you are witnessing are cards being laid out on a table, each and every one of them called out and stirred up by a random occurrence. The rest is the reaction of the public. The one who laid out the card doesn’t have to do anything else. But we’ll come back to that.

In the American deck, however, you got one card that trumps EVERYTHING else at all times under all circumstances. That is the Race/Race War Card. Once the Race/Race War Card is drawn and BAM, it’s now on the table, everything else seizes to have any power whatsoever. Fact. Race on the American scene is like a sore you can poke every once in a while when you think it’s starting to heal but you nevertheless poke it so that it never properly heals. There is nothing that beats the Race Card in the American Card Deck. Think about it, the Race Card overthrew the Global Pandemic Card in importance. That’s something!

As you wander around the news channels or the commentariat community and you witness the protests, riots, war on cops, and statue toppings happening around the country, all you’re looking at is the drawing of cards one after the other in an engineered directed game. That doesn’t mean that the people you are seeing are not real or that they are paid actors (although a small percentage of them are paid agitators). All it means is that they are harvested meat puppets, their actions are the result of a painting that was created over time using different, meticulously selected, and manipulative brushes. I know that when you hear this at first it sounds unlikely but hear me out and once you go back to watching shit on TV and following narratives, it’ll all make sense. Now, it is very important to note that the American Card Deck works only in America. This is the American game and whether you like it or not, it is in fact the most influential game on the world stage. Other countries, places, and institutions have their own decks with cards, each with its own strength, and there’s certain cards that don’t exist in other decks. That is, you draw them out and nothing happens. That is why American issues are in a sense unique to America and they don’t work the same elsewhere, and vice versa.

For instance, Europe as a continent has its own deck of cards. Its socialist experiment and all the different countries within it have their own decks. All the countries around the world have their own decks. Every country has its one card that trumps everything else because every country has its own sores. Some sores are artificially created and others are artificially kept alive so that they never heal.

Then there’s a Global Card deck. For example, the COVID-19 Card aka the Global Pandemic Card was drawn globally and plays a role on the global stage. The Global Card deck has its own incentives and it mostly concerns the bigger world stage powers like the United States. An International Crisis, or a Trade War, or Mass Hunger, or Poverty in location X would all be cards from the Global Deck. Just look at the professional useless people at the United Nations and consider yourself verse in what that deck is all about. In other words, what you are witnessing through the narratives around you are engineered acts for the purposes of control and a specific agenda. With real people. Which brings me to my previous point.

The greatest asset in this game are people. Not money. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that it’s all about money, or money is in the root of everything but they are missing the most powerful and profound goal, which is the acquisition of CONTROL. Normal everyday people assume the driving force behind everything is money because they themselves either don’t have it, or don’t have enough of it, or it’s the driving force behind the things that they themselves do. I’m not going to say the world handlers don’t give a fuck about money, they obviously do but money is petty shit to care about especially if you are the ones controlling the flow and transfer of money itself. The handlers want control. So what happens is you manufacture an event OR you use an event that has already taken place, like the George Floyd event, and you start milking it, you mobilize all your pre-trained armies, all your weaponized meat puppet retards who’ve gone through the indoctrination grinders, you weaponize the media, academia, and pundits, and they all draw the Race Card along with a bunch of subversion tactics all at the same time.

Now the interesting thing is what happens or what could happen after that. The fascinating thing is the handlers don’t do anything else. They just draw the card and start throwing narrative after narrative after narrative. They step back, and wait for people to create a string of tragic events themselves. The handlers are merely selling a ticket. People have to take it and willingly buy it themselves. People are not forced to take any card or any bait or any ticket, yet they do. This is the key. Nobody is FORCING anybody to do anything. It all requires consent and compliance. All the while the institutions are trying to convince you en masse that you have no power. You can always say no, get off the table, and leave the card to collect dust and rot. This is what happens when you are driven by truth and reason. The burning down of cities and toppling of statues is what happens when you are driven by emotion and your genitals.

As a sidetone, I want to add that on a micro level each and every one of us has their own deck of cards that we use everyday. Most people lack self-awareness and self-evaluation, but in the vast majority cases we use that deck to subvert, manipulate, and play a game as well. Think about it. “You have to play your cards well.” Example? “My Parents Abandoned Me” is a card. “I Broke My Leg” is a card. “I Am A Lawyer” is a card. “Here’s my diploma.” is a card. “I Know That Guy Over There” is a card. Recently “I Wear A Lab Coat” has been a very powerful card. Once drawn out, all of these cards call for a reaction. They can play in your favor or they can be of great disadvantage. Or the other party may not fall for a card and draw their own in response. Or they can tell you to fuck off and go try to play someone else. That’s what I’d do.

So back to the puppet handlers. And by the way, if your initial reaction to my opinion on this spectacle is to run your mouth and screech like a pussyhat-wearing retard “CoNSpiRaCy ThEOrYyYyY!!!” you need to get out of here. You’re in the wrong saloon and you need to understand that all the manufactured term “conspiracy theorist” means is a person who’s asking questions. Anyways, here’s the thing. I don’t know and I don’t care who the puppet masters are. It does not matter. It doesn’t matter to me and it shouldn’t matter to you. All that matters is your reaction and engagement. What the puppeteers do is throw shit on the wall. When you engage, your reaction is to start cleaning it up but instead you end up smearing it all over. The puppet masters notice the engagement and keep throwing that fresh, warm, moist, stinking ass shit on that same exact wall, and well, a lot of it ends up thrown AT you and you keep rubbing and rubbing in an attempt to clean it up, but you end up smearing it even more, and the cycle goes on and on. Example. Right now, the War on Police Card is so heavily engaged with bullshit upon bullshit upon bullshit that you end up entangled in so many lies, and spirals, and narratives, and media manipulations that are in no capacity real or truthful that you end up kneeling for something you never did and admitting that your existence is part of some problem that could never be fixed. So? The only thing you have to do when facing some freshly thrown shit on the wall is to not engage. The handlers are powerless if you don’t react. The reaction is groomed. What ensues is the harvest. When you choose not to engage, eventually, the shit will dry out pretty quickly and turn into dust on the ground.


Why am I writing all this? Because I don’t know everything. I don’t even know a fraction of everything, so I’ve decided to start writing more about this process and sharing with people what I’ve come up with on my journey of figuring out some of this stuff. And along the way, especially during the past several months with the coronavirus nonsense and the revisited Race Card, I noticed something. Something I’ve always observed from the sidelines and understood on a subconscious level. Recently, I started ruminating more deeply about it. This is why I think this is a great time to be alive. Because all this nonsense is responsible for the rise in consciousness awakening all the while crystallizing the retardation of the vacant meat puppet vessels. By the way, this is not me proclaiming the retards are irredeemable vacant meat puppet vessels. This is me suggesting that they have fulfilled the programming of the handlers, they’ve become vacant meat puppet vessels, and now they’ve been harvested. That doesn’t mean you can’t sprout again, this time with a functioning brain and consciousness.

Example. We’ve all engaged in conversations with people who consider themselves up to speed with the world, you know, friends, relatives, neighbors, whoever, and just didn’t understand why at the same time they seemed so vacated? So unable to grasp what you are grasping? I know I have. Over the years I have gotten much better at having these conversations with people. Until very recently, I would have gotten angry and disheartened after these interactions. I would probably get into an argument and still be like “Do you really not see that? Please, see it. Please, open up your eyes. Look here, see this, think about it! This is a lie. Here is the proof. It’s in front of you. This is the logical conclusion. Do you really not see? ” Nothing. It’s vacant. Reason has evacuated and given way to passion, ego, and a tingle in the pants. They keep regurgitating what an “authority” or an “expert” had told them, or what they’ve learned from their friend, or the news, or school, or what this other meat puppet had said. The ability to see and question and analyze has abdicated. THE TRUTH does not play a role. Because the ability to admit that you have not engaged in THE TRUTH has abdicated. The act of admitting THE TRUTH hurts. Admitting you were or are a vessel and a part of a lie hurts. Admitting you believe in lies and are ensconced in lies hurts. Admitting that the worldview you believe from the bottom of your heart to be true is a lie hurts very deeply. And I would have gotten frustrated. I would explain to myself that it’s the fault of entertainment and media programming, college Marxist education, well-crafted political narratives, equally vacated relatives and friends, and so on. All of which is true, by the way. All of this plays a vast, enormous role. All of these things are happening. The media industrial complex and the academia industrial complex are being DOMINATED by a lying subversive culture. Whoever still thinks that there is no agenda, you are either not paying attention AT ALL or you suffer from severe mental retardation yourself.

That being said, I have been a part of all of the aforementioned institutions as well, yet I’ve grown to see. I went through entertainment programming myself. I have a degree in Media. I’ve worked in media and art. I went to college, which I like to call my 4-year indoctrination camp experience, and took all the cultural Marxist classes. I was part of bullshit assignments and wrote senseless papers on feminism, racism, slut-shaming, the evils of white men, fatphobia, socialism, drag queens, and all the other isms and horseshit you could think of. I admit, I half-ass fell for some of them for a bit because once you are a part of these institutions you are in a sense held hostage from sharing or developing real thoughts and opinions so you have to singalong and become part of the choir. If you do happen to share a true statement, you’re in it for a grown ass supposed man with the title “Professor” throwing a tantrum after you’ve insulted their fragile, delicate core by mentioning that being obese is not healthy, for example. Trust me, I should know. Anyways, ever since my flight out of the demon’s den, I’ve become well-versed in politics and the political game, as well as the philosophy and history of political currents. I’m still learning, but I started seeing the big picture. This is not me bragging or tooting my own horn. I am simply stating what is. So recently, I’ve slowly been engaging in an attempt to have compassion for the retards, for those who don’t have the ability to see. I’m trying to not be angry at them anymore. I can’t get angry at the cripple for not standing on his feet. He is disabled. I can’t get angry at the people around me or those out there in the ether when they are not able to see. They can’t. They are mentally crippled. Yes, that same person may be holding a high-up position, or may be an accountant, or a physicist, or a lawyer, or may be good at something, but they have a very specific mental deficiency that meanwhile is not interfering with their ability to be good at math. My point is, it is not about formal education.

In the end, you are the one who has to consent to the programming. Some people naturally consent to it because they are ridden with childhood trauma and lifestyle indoctrination. Some don’t consent right away but they eventually fall for the beast, and others consent for a little bit but eventually end up seeing the light.

I have compassion for the retard because I have compassion for my previous self.

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