A Comprehensive Guide to The Jussie Smollett Hate Crime Hoax


It seems like the Jussie Smollett saga may finally be coming to an end. On March 8, a grand jury indicted the actor on 16 felony counts for disorderly conduct for allegedly lying to the police after staging a fake homophobic and racist attack in the middle of the night of January 29 in Chicago. Last month, Smollett was charged on one count of felony disorderly conduct after allegedly filing the false police report. I wanted to share my take on this story for quite a while, but it seemed like the saga just kept unfolding, so I decided to wait until we heard the grand jury verdict. Before we get to why this incident is so significant and the ridiculousness of Jussie still maintaining his innocence, let’s thoroughly recap the story from beginning to end and chronicle the insanity, which led us to today. That being said, I present to you The Jussie Smollett Hate Crime Hoax, A Comprehensive Guide

I say we warm ourselves up with this tweet from Jussie just two days before the staged attack. This is the pure definition of a tweet that did not age well.


On January 29, at 2 am in the morning, during a polar vortex in Chicago, the very well-known to Trump supporters actor Jussie Smollett (yes, that is sarcasm) decided to go to a Subway restaurant to reportedly grab a tuna sandwich. For those who don’t know who he is, which is the majority of the country prior to this incident, Jussie Smollett is a B-list actor who appears on Fox’s show Empire.

After Smollett left the joint, two white men in ski masks wearing MAGA (Make America Great Again) hats attacked him, proceeded to put a noose around his neck, poured a chemical substance, believed to be bleach, on him, beat him up and broke his ribs, while yelling “This is MAGA country!,” accompanied by racist and homophobic slurs. 

Yes, this reportedly happened in Chicago. A city without a single right-leaning soul. At 2 am in the morning at minus a million degrees. Plausible, all the way through and through. 


Let’s get to the news coverage. What do you think the unbiased, fair, reasonable media outlets did? Just weeks after they screwed up massively over the Covington Catholic School/Nathan Phillips incident, when they gleefully rushed to judgment to convict a 16-year-old high school student for allegedly being racist and disrespectful toward a Native American elder, just to realize that Nathan Phillips was lying about the incident all along. After that screw up, the reasonable thing to do would be to learn from their mistakes and do the right thing a reporter should do, which is to wait for the facts to come in before jumping to conclusions. Not this time. The media took Smollett’s story and ran with it like their life depended on it. This was a story too good to be true and it was exactly what they wanted. They wanted to paint Trump’s America, a racist bigoted place where Donald Trump, according to them, emboldens his supporters (and the media is deeply convinced each one of us is racist, of course) to wander around at night with noose and bleach and hunt innocent minorities in the dark of night. They took this perfect oppression story and ran with it like it was the trophy they never got as a kid. 

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin closed off her segment with the statement “This is America in 2019.” Referencing Trump, of course. Once again, the notion is that Trump encourages the crazies to come out and chase people down the street with noose and bleach in hand. And you should never think otherwise.

Jussie, on his end, played the victim part and took full advantage of it while it lasted. He went on Good Morning, America!, literally cried about his victim status, was outraged at the people who dared to question him, and plugged in the usual “It is all Trump’s fault!” line of attack. 

WATCH Jussie Smollett’s full interview on Good Morning, America!

He also took in all the compassion and love from every Democrat politicians, including presidential candidates who wanted to score some more brownie points in the hopes of creating the narrative that they are the only hope for America, this hateful oppressive country. Because you should never forget that this is all because of Donald Trump. It is very important to note that at this point, the only evidence we had was Jussie’s word that it happened the way he claimed it happened. Nothing else. Yet everyone bought it without any question or doubt.

Meanwhile, people who are able to think rationally wanted to wait for the facts to come out and for the police to do their job first before jumping on the “Jussie is a victim and the entire right-wing is to blame.” bandwagon and propagating a false narrative. Not surprisingly, if you dared to even question the veracity of Jussie’s claims, you were immediately castigated as a racist bigot. Due process was not an option for the Leftist controlled narrative. It never is, when a story fits their agenda. Little did they know that this one would end up piling on top of the Covington media debacle from just a month prior. 

If you still think the media is unbiased and fair and just reporting the facts, all you need to do is look at the way the media treated Nick Sandmann versus how they treated Jussie Smollett. They rushed to judgment to defend Smolett with everything under the sun despite not having a speck of evidence to support their stance, and rushed to judgment to convict a 16-year-old high school kid for doing nothing and believing in a completely false story made up by Nathan Phillips, a Leftist activist with a record of lying (including lying about serving in Vietnam.) All because the story is too good to be true.


So, Jussie filed a police report and Chicago P.D. went to work. Slowly, as the investigation unfolded, the facts started unwinding. Jussie’s story changed multiple times and he refused to cooperate with the authorities. First, there was video surveillance footage of an unfazed Jussie walking back to his apartment right after the attack, noose around his neck and still holding on to his tuna sandwich. Dang, this must have been a good sandwich! Getting attacked, beaten, bleached and noosed, and still holding on to your sandwich. Plausible all the way through and through. Subway should offer him to be their new spokesperson once he gets out of the pan.

Second, he allegedly waited 40 minutes before calling the police. (Maybe he wanted to finish the sandwich?) When police arrived, he still had the noose around his neck, in an alleged attempt to preserve the evidence. Third, since he claimed to have been on the phone with his manager while the attack was going, the police wanted to have his phone to corroborate the claim. Jussie refused. His account also took another turn when he said his ribs were not broken and that he fought back.

WATCH Jussie Smollett saying he fought back during alleged attack

It kept getting fishier and fishier, and sceptics were still not allowed to utter a word about their doubts. Then, the police got ahold of Jussie’s phone and saw that the call and text logs were altered. Finally, their investigation led them to the meat and potatoes of the story. They found the two suspects, spotted on surveillance cameras, raided their place, and found a whole bunch of evidence, including ropes, masks, and bleach. Turns out they were two Nigerian brothers, Ola and Abel Osundairo, who were once extras on Empire and knew Smollett. One of them was Jussie’s personal trainer and according to some of their text message conversations, was supplying Jussie with Molly.

Ola and Abel Osundairo
Source: Instagram

The brothers admitted that the actor had paid them (via check) $3,500 to help him stage the assault. They bought the bleach, some rope, and a couple of red hats (because there were no actual MAGA hats in Chicago mind you.) They even rehearsed the attack. By the way, Smollett reportedly gets paid $100K per episode for Empire, so in addition to being a piece of sh*t, it’s not a reach to also call him a cheap and dumb piece of sh*t.

WATCH surveillance video showing the two Nigerian brothers purchasing items used in the attack


That brings us to this unfortunate mugshot. On February 21, Jussie Smollet was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, with the possibility of facing up to 3 years in prison.

Jussie Smollett Mugshot
Source: Chicago PD

That day, Chicago P.D. gave their official statement saying that the Empire actor planned and staged the (poorly written) hate crime hoax himself. I highly encourage you to watch the entire statement from Chicago P.D. Superintendent Eddie Johnson. He gives a great account of the story and you could witness the man’s disappointment, frustration, and pain. And he is exactly right every step of the way. This hurts the country on so many levels. This hurts race relations. This hurts real victims of hate crimes. This hurts us as a community of people who try to live together peacefully. This hurts law enforcement who try to do their best to resolve actual criminal activity.

WATCH Chicago PD statement and investigation timeline.

Just to be clear, Jussie’s actions forced Chicago P.D. to spend an inordinate amount of man-hours and tax-payer money, involving the FBI, and assigning two dozen police detectives in order to investigate an orchestrated attack. So why did he do it? Chicago P.D. claims that Jussie was allegedly dissatisfied with his salary compared to those of the other actors on the show. I personally don’t think that this was his one and only motivation but I think we can safely say that in addition to being a piece of human debris, turns out he is also an envious piece of human debris who covets victimhood. 

The next day, he posted $100,000 bail and went straight to the set of Empire to convey his innocence to the producers. As Matt Walsh pointed out at the time, no one has more privilege in America than a Leftist and he is exactly right. Remember what happened to Roseanne Barr. She was fired on the spot and her show was canceled after tweeting a mean tweet while on Ambien.

Since then, Empire has fired Jussie from the show and has taken out his character from appearing in the last two episodes of the upcoming season. It took them a few days, but they did the right thing. On March 13, Empire returned for its new season and it is reported that the ratings have significantly tanked. You can thank Jussie anytime!


Let’s remember, the fodder this staged attack provided for the media and Leftists to claim that Trump is the real problem was exorbitant. Now sh*t hit the fan and what did those same people who jumped to Jussie’s defense do? Well, some of them kept quiet and deleted their original statements and tweets as if they were never involved in this, others backtracked (and are still backtracking,) saying they need all the facts to come out first before they comment any further. See, now we don’t have all the facts. How about when you pounced around your wishful narrative, like 5 minutes ago? See, back then we knew everything, now we don’t and we shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

WATCH Kamala Harris and Cory Booker when asked to comment on the new Jussie findings

Politicians quite simply used Smollett to further their agenda and their role as the great saviors whom you should trust and vote in office, so that they can come in with their capes and save the day. It is about them promulgating a fake story for the sake of political purposes and their desire to paint this attack as Trump’s America, a time when, according to them, racists are being emboldened and encouraged.

As for the media, do we expect retractions or anything like that? Of course not. Others, like our favorite CNN, are virtually defending Smollett. You see, he is still the victim in this whole situation. The Hollywood Reporter tried to spin Jussie’s attack as being a result of the pressures he experiences due to his fame. What a bunch of crap! According to CNN’s Don Lemon, Smollett lost in the court of public opinion, and according to Van Jones, he is an “icon.” To the rest of us, who recognize truth and decency, he is just a piece of sh*t.

WATCH Don Lemon and Van Jones’s comments on Jussie Smollett staging his own attack.

Many blamed the Right for being vindictive. Frankly, I think conservatives are in the right to be vindictive. The Left never ceases to paint every right-leaning person as a racist, sexist, bigoted homophobe without any evidence or proof and when this story broke, the Left was elating at the opportunity to double down and start clubbing conservatives without any evidence. So I think that statements like this one from President Trump are not without merit.

In addition to the media, there was so much obfuscation in the celebrity responses to the case’s development as well. Numerous celebrities like Queen Latifah came out in Jussie’s defense, claiming that they still believe him, which is not completely surprising given that the actor is still maintaining his innocence. But it is also inordinately dishonest, since we already have enough evidence to draw a conclusion, and their previous rush to judgment only proves that his supporters are not seeking the truth, but rather a validation of their own biased view of America. They don’t wish to address that their assumption of truth without waiting for evidence caused them this embarrassment.

Another almost unbelievable reaction from the media, politicians, and celebrities was their disappointment that the attack didn’t happen. So many of them said and tweeted how sad they are, disappointed, how they wished it was real. Which is truly a fascinating thing to say. On one hand, I understand that they probably wished Jussie hadn’t lied about it, but on the other hand, there is the “You are sad and disappointed that a hate crime did not occur?” angle. And it is an important angle. Because the sadness comes from a different place. It comes from a place of disappointment that the picture they are painting about the monstrous Trump supporters ended up being a lie. They are sad that every time a hate crime like this one, which plays perfectly to their narrative and wishes, turns out to be completely made up. Well, you made your bed. Now lie in it. Also, what happened to the trending hashtag #JusticeforJussie? Seems like we are not interested in justice for Jussie anymore, huh?

WATCH John McWhorter summarizing the victimhood chic mentality of people like Smollett

I can’t believe I’m saying this but this was a great segment by CNN and Don Lemon. Probably the best guest he’s ever had, whom he even let speak without interrupting. It’s safe to say, McWhorter is probably never appearing on CNN again after speaking so much facts.

Now Jussie is still maintaining his innocence and is committed to prove it. His attorneys are trying to defend the idea that he is a victim of a conspiracy perpetrated by the police. We’ll see how this goes but I don’t think this line of defense will hold up.

In the meantime, his supporters miraculously started citing the innocent till proven guilty rhetoric, which is something that I vehemently support. The problem is I try to apply it fairly all across the board. The Left does not. His supporters still have their tweets how they are 100% sure that he was attacked and Trump supporters were 100% the ones to blame. So much for innocent till proven guilty… And it also perfectly highlights the hypocrisy. His supporters are crying for due process in a time where they denounced due process for Justice Kavanaugh, and denounced due process for the Covington kids. They reported the attack as a definitive homophobic racist incident before any details were proven. Because they love the division and they need a villain.

Kamala Harris, one of the Democrat frontrunners for the 2020 election called it a modern-day lynching and it just shows you where people are. Kamala Harris and other Democrat candidates half-ass condemned this hoax, while adding even longer statement about divisiveness and racism, which again brings the attention back to Trump, not the real perpetrator. Not to mention that pitting blacks against whites, based on a fake attack a TV actor staged, is basically an attempt to start a race war. But we’ll let that one slide and not mention it in our statements at all, right?


Which brings us to the most important question. Why does this matter so much? And it’s not about what kind of a piece of crap this guy is, or whether he was dissatisfied with his salary and allegedly resorted to this moronic tactic. The question is why victimhood? And we hear these all the time from the Left. Who would lie about something like this, something like being assaulted or raped or wronged in any way? Who’s that person and why would they lie? What do they have to gain? Who would want to be perceived as a victim? 

The truth is we live in an age that glorifies victimhood and gives attention to those who wish to manipulate the optics of situations publicly. According to the Left, victimhood is intrinsically virtuous. In the Leftist worldview, being a victim is a positive good. If you are a victim you can do no wrong. If you are a victim, you are inherently good and everybody should listen to you and believe you. The victim status allows you to talk without being questioned or doubted. The Left specifically covets victimhood because it allows them to create the perception of a problem that needs a savior. There is a strongman and there is a weak marginalized weakling that cannot help himself, the victim.

And there are real rewards to be had here if you can demonstrate that you are a victim. People recognize the empathy bank and the perks that this bank gives out. Nothing attracts power and money more than being a victim of something. Our culture fetishizes being a victim into a business. Remember Christine Blasey Ford and the call to “Believe All Women” or “Believe All Survivors” or “Believe All Victims” even though we vey well know that people are flawed and people do lie. People lie for various reasons. There’s a number of different things you could gain from that. Monetary gain. Fame. Status. Legitimacy. Political gain. The crushing of an opponent. You name it. That is why we have due process. That is why we have processes to determine whether something happened or not, and how it happened if it did. That is why we have innocent till proven guilty.

It is a fact that staged attacks and falsely reported crimes started popping up more and more in the era after 2016. They attempt to create a narrative. They paint a picture of a supposed problem, or about the “true” nature of a place. And that’s not to say, of course, that hate crimes don’t happen, or rape doesn’t happen because we all know they do. The problem is that the empathy bank is not bottomless and ultimately these hoaxes hurt real victims, people who have actually been dealt a bad card and are assaulted.

The moral of the story for the media is as always, if a story sounds too good to be true, wait for the facts first before jumping onto it and making a fool out of yourselves. I think, as we approach the 2020 Presidential Elections, these accidents, hoax or not, are going to escalate in number, so I think it would be appropriate to finish off with the words of non other than Jussie Smollett. “Frauds are everywhere y’all.”

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