Here is Why Both Will Ferrell and His Netflix Eurovision Movie Suck


Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020) is not only a demonstration of Will Ferrell’s ineptitude as a screenwriter, but also a poor attempt on his part as a leading actor. In this spit of a movie, Ferrell (52) is playing Lars Erickssong, a middle-aged man who has spent his entire life dreaming of winning the Eurovision Song Contest, the beta freakshow Europeans used to cheer on for like a bunch of retarded puppets every year. His unfortunate partner in this endeavor is the much younger Rachel McAdams (41) who, in this snoozefest, is playing Sigrit Ericksdottir, a musician supposed to be the same age as Lars. I guess creepy old Will couldn’t miss on the opportunity to show his sagging face to the world and kiss a much younger woman on camera. What a pathetic slob.

Anyways, I was able to endure watching Ferrell’s ugly presence and the relentless promotion of degeneracy all throughout the movie, but what didn’t make any sense was his character’s unprovoked attacks against a group of young American tourists. For some reason, Lars really hated that specific group and kept deliberately insulting and senselessly making fun of them even though the Americans were the only people who helped him out in a difficult situation in a foreign country… This all reminded me of WWII, where millions of young Americans left their homes to travel thousands of miles and risked their lives to save Europe’s ass. Same principle, different scale.

During the final scene, the American group that saved Lars earlier in the movie end up in an Icelandic bar where he is performing. Once he sees them, Lars goes off on a complete temper tantrum and starts yelling at the guests to get out of his country and lets them know that he hates them in his gut. WTF? It was probably the movie’s most powerful moment, because you could sense Ferrell’s obvious pure hatred towards America channeled through Lars’ character.

And this is the main point I want to make here. I’m skipping over the European retardation surrounding the contest, the participants, pretentiousness, and all that because it’s fruitless and that ship has sunk a long time ago. But this very specific skit, the American tourists, disguised as innocent comedy, opens up a lot of room for thought. We already know that Hollywood is universally to the Left. If you don’t already know that, you’re either not paying attention or you are mentally deficient. When you have such an outspoken so-called “brave” celebrity like Willie here making a movie like this and starring in it, it is becoming a cultural window into what Hollywood really thinks about America and its people. Remember, Will Ferrell wrote this movie, this is his brainchild and what he is trying to say here to YOU and to me and to everyone else watching is “I’m better than you.” He’s up there, ensconced in a cultural ivory tower, feeling loved and praised in his commie Hollywood bubble looking down on the people outside like “Look at these rubes, look at these morons, I’m the special boy, I know shit, they are full of hate and ignorance. I’ll just spit at them. This is going to be my thing. I’ll just spit at the people down there.” This sentiment is also felt through the disgust that Ferrell’s character had for the small guy, the fisherman, the people in the town working their regular jobs. The character had an inane disgust and pity toward this life and people. That’s another ubiquitous attitude inherent to our Hollywood betters.

It is interesting. Hollywood is the face of America in front of the world. Whether we like it or not, the truth is that the world gets its idea about America and what’s happening here from Hollywood and CNN. And both have become the repository of wokeness, anti-American rhetoric, or in other words, channeling loser commies. It creates a world narrative about America, it paints a very specific pre-approved picture with a specific pre-approved goal, and it’s all in plain sight. All in all, this film is yet another Hollywood propaganda piece promoting retardation and degeneracy in a self-masturbatory attempt to reassure themselves how virtuous they are. Under the guise of “comedy” and “entertainment”.

So back to you, Will. Why the hate? Didn’t you become successful in America in the first place? Didn’t you make your millions here thanks to your American audience and the opportunity you had in America? Is it not the US system, legal, police, military, etc. protecting your precious moneys from being confiscated, I mean, appropriated by THE PEOPLE, as your people on the progressive left would most certainly do if they had the chance? I bet even then, you’d be kneeling and begging to be let off the hook because you could be of more subversive manipulative use. You are a disgrace, Will, so fuck you and everything you stand for!