RANT: Let’s Be Real About Emmanuel Macron and His Wife’s Shady Relationship

By Daily Viper / January 12, 2019

Today I thought I would share my thoughts on French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte because I can’t fathom the nonsensical enthusiastic attitude of journalists and regular Europeans toward their relationship. It’s important to note that I am allowed to express my opinion on their personal relationship because a.) they are both very public political figures and b.) media outlets have written extensively on their magical love life in such a positive light that I can’t leave my two cents out of it.

To Europe, please give me a break with this fairytale nonsense and let’s take a moment to be 100% real and honest about something. Emmanuel Macron was a 15-year-old home-wrecker drama kid and his now-wife was a predatory drama teacher who left her 3 underage children to go after a 15-year-old minor, whose parents sent out of town specifically to avoid his very illegal relationship with his teacher. You can’t make this stuff up. And what’s more baffling to me is how Europe is absolutely enamored with this “love story.” I know Europe has become a waste of space when it comes to right and wrong and their new religion is cultural and moral relativism, but since ABC News calls their relationship “unconventional”, I don’t want this attitude towards garbage like this to get normalized and penetrate America’s mainstream as well. Town & Country Magazine even wrote an article and referred to the critics of their relationship as “ageist” and “sexist”. Why am I not surprised… So let’s go ahead and break this down.

For people who don’t know or need a refresher, Macron and his wife’s romance began when she was his drama teacher in high school. He was 15. She was a 41-year-old grown married woman with 3 underage children, one of whom was in Macron’s class with him and her youngest daughter was 9 at the time. They allegedly first met when he was only 14 and he “wooed” her by being such a mature-for-his-age kid who wrote beautiful poems and was so good at drama that she couldn’t help herself. His parents found out and sent him off to Paris to allegedly avoid the scandal surrounding the relationship of their underage kid with the 40-something mother of 3.

Now, what do you think a supposedly adult married woman with 3 underage kids would do in this situation? I mean, let’s assume a teen doesn’t have the mental capacity to make rational decisions, even though his determination to come back and get her divorced from her husband, as he allegedly promised her before taking off for Paris, doesn’t really make for a decent human being at any age. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt though, and say he was a selfish irrational hormone-driven young guy. What would the supposedly mature responsible mother of 3 do in this situation? Of course, hop on the train to Paris, leave her underage kids behind, and run after the minor who writes helluva hot poems. When Macron’s parents asked Brigitte to stop seeing their son at least until he turned 18, she allegedly replied “I can’t promise you anything.” This story led to an ugly divorce that stretched over 10 years until Macron and Brigitte finally got married when he was 29, and she was 54 and a grandmother of 7. Feel free to add or correct any details about years and specifics (different sources cite different numbers and years) but this is the overall rough timeline of France’s first couple’s charming story. How are people able to muster up such a level of enthusiasm over this is beyond me.

I know, it gets two to tango. That’s why by all standards of decent behavior at the very least both Macron and his wife are messed up. What 15-year-old kid, infatuated with his drama teacher, swears that he will get her to divorce her husband and he will not stop at anything? True, teenagers are unreasonable, they are selfish and incapable of rational decision making, but man, that sounds malicious and to put it mildly, just screwed up.

Doing a quick online search about their life, I only came across 3 points of criticism, namely a.) the age difference b.) Oh, wow, she was his teacher, can you believe that! and c.) that it is a cover up for a possible gay affair he had. My take on these.

a.) I have no issues whatsoever with their age difference.  Or their gender. Period. In fact, if when they met, she was an older single woman, or an older woman with adult children (that is why I keep pointing out and stressing 3 underage children), who decided to get divorced the proper way because she met some younger adult guy, I wouldn’t bat an eye about them. But that is not the case here.

b.) In and of itself, I don’t have a problem with them being in a student-teacher dynamic at some point in their lives. However, he was a minor, she was married with 3 underage kids. Again, if the circumstances had been difference, I wouldn’t give a flying flip about the fact that at some point in time they may have had a student-teacher dynamic. (Michelle Obama was at some point Barack Obama’s boss, but they were both single consenting adults.)

c.) I doubt it. Besides who cares if he is gay, and if he were in fact gay, I don’t think he’d be covering it up. Not in France.

I don’t want to assume the role of the ultimate moralist here, but this is not a fairytale, it’s a freaking sh*tshow with countless screwed up components. I’m a Trump supporter but you don’t see any Trump supporters effusing with love over his personal behavior when it comes to his relationships. Is Trump a saint? No, he’s not, and no one ever claimed he was. Everyone knows he cheated on his first wife with his second wife, and he cheated on his second wife with his third wife, just like everyone knows that he’s been making hush money payments to his mistresses for years. Nobody’s denying that but guess what? At the same time, nobody’s gushing over his personal behavior with adoration, just like no one should be. We are realistic about it. Doesn’t mean we can’t support his policy decisions, just like the French could choose to do so (or as we’ve been seeing lately, not to do so) when it comes to Macron’s policy decisions.

In conclusion, think whatever you want about Macron, the politician, but stop with the nonsense about the love affair of the century that’s shattering a supposed age/gender stigma. Children reading about this story, relayed with such positivity and lack of apparent consequences behind the culprits’ actions, would start thinking that there’s nothing wrong with hooking up with their 40-something year-old teachers. And vice versa. How about when teachers start ignoring the fact that they shouldn’t hook up with their students every time one of them writes a charming poem they enjoy, delivers astonishing speeches in drama class, or performs great in science class, which in their eyes could be a symbol of the student’s “maturity”? That’s why the media should not keep promoting this shady relationship the way they have been. It is troublesome, it is dangerous, and it is illegal. It was f’ed up then, it’s f’ed up to think of it now, and it would be f’ed up when it happens again.

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