All-In 2020. The State Of The Democrat Strongholds And The Reality Behind #DefundThePolice


Dear city dwellers, this wake up call is for you.

Honest question over here. Now that we’ve all heard the Left’s demands to #DefundThePolice and/or #AbolishThePolice and we’ve all witnessed the havoc and destruction that their weaponized puppets have caused around cities with these demands, including a palpable rise in crime and shootings, let’s put our thinking caps on, analyze, and examine this proposition a little further. Let’s put this proposition to reality.


So you live in the city (where most of these cucks making the demands live already) with no police. You’ve abolished it or slashed its funding. Let’s put the little utopian fairy tale of yours about community policing aside and talk about reality. So you live in the city with tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people you don’t know. You don’t have a real community and you don’t have real communal trust. Maybe you know or don’t know your neighbors but for the most part, unless you’ve buried yourself with a million year mortgage for a $500K townhouse shack with a 10′ x 10′ “backyard”, you are renting out an apartment and you don’t have a trusted community around you like you would if you were living in a more suburban or rural area where people generally know and trust each other. Sure, you do happy hour with a couple of degenerate cunts from work (Ahh, dammit, I promised myself I won’t do that…) I apologize, with a couple of very respectable high-ranking Tinder-swiping professional ladies or gentlemen from the office. Sure, those are your so-called “friends” but that’s not a community based on trust and values. So no communal trust, no self-sufficiency (that’s a big one, we’ll come back to that later), no ability to produce food, no ability to be your own actual protector and provider. If you live in the city and you are not realizing these things, maybe it’s a little hard to swallow this pill due to your mental evacuation or the indoctrination camps you’ve just graduated from. But these are facts. Painful, harsh, cold facts. Your survival is 100% dependent on other people. The reason being you and your fellow city dwellers made the conscious or unconscious decision (doesn’t matter, it’s still a decision) to outsource all your pain in order to live in the luxury of convenience and dependency. 

In terms of self-sufficiency, we have to focus on the concept of outsourcing your pain. We saw what happened when all the grocery stores and drugstores boarded up for days on end during the riots. People no longer had a food source. Cities became food deserts. Why do you think poor neighborhoods are generally food deserts i.e. no grocery stores or places to buy food from? Seriously, what do YOU think is the reason behind this problem? Maybe some washed up comrade told you it’s because of racism and inequality and inequity, and we have to combat it by blablabla. That is nothing short of fucking bullshit. Food deserts occur because these are high crime areas and a business owner has NO interest in opening up a business if said business is going to be ransacked or robbed the second it opens. And why is a food desert a grave problem for city folks? Because everyone in the city, regardless of social status, is dependent on the supermarket. Everyone. The supermarket is a manifestation of “outsourcing your pain.” The pain of growing your own food, the pain of working your own land, the pain of raising your own animals, the pain of digging your own well, the pain of saving up, the pain of planning ahead. All of that is pain. Pain that we as human beings have always taken an active part in and have always needed (and still need), and pain that long-term pays off tenfold. Much like the pain you outsource when you send your children to be raised and taught by strangers, instead of raising them yourself. Again, that translates to 100% dependency on others.

Another big one is for the most part you don’t have guns or any real means of protection. No, a camera doorbell ain’t gonna do it. City culture is all about sunshine, butterflies, happiness, and gun control. I’m old enough to remember when every single gun control advocate was preaching how “We don’t need guns, because we have the cops.” That’s like saying “I don’t need my voice, because I have the media.” but that’s a whole other subject. So again, that translates to 100% dependency. Let’s assume you’re not one of the bad guys. Really try to give this one some brain cycles. Why do you think the rioting and looting never transfers to the suburbs or rural areas? Because people outside the city are heavily armed and the ANTIFA handlers would never send their meat puppets there. That shit won’t work the same way it works in a congested chaotic city full of dependent feminized retards.

In the meantime, another very important and real aspect of city dwelling is that you share the city with, as I mentioned, thousands or maybe millions of strangers. You do share the streets, and everything else with tons of people. Among those people are felons, criminals, pedophiles, fugitives, or simply people with really bad intentions. Organized crime exists, human and child trafficking exists, drug cartels are rampant, rape exists, gang violence exists, fraud exists, break-ins exist, and of course you have the indie petty criminals or druggies everywhere stealing packages and bikes, or grabbing someone’s purse. These are people you share the streets with. Every day. Fact. I’m not being a Debbie Downer. You should know these things. You should know that crime is primarily, for the overwhelmingly vast majority of the cases, a city problem. And as long as a city is a city, these people are not going anywhere, even if police performance was 100% cream of the crop.


What happens when police is gone, or severely understaffed and defunded? How do you think your everyday life would work out without a proper police force in these conditions? How are you going to deal with an emboldened criminal class in that world? Sure, police is not perfect. For various reasons. But they are there to keep order amidst mass dependency and chaos. And they are the ones you call when you become the victim of a crime or experience something that is out of order. If there’s one thing you should take away and remember from my post is that COPS ARE AGENTS OF ORDER, THEY ARE NOT AGENTS OF JUSTICE.

Serious question. Honest question. Adult question. Non-emotional question. Please think about what I just outlined very carefully and rationally. You are 100% dependent on other people for everything concerning your survival. In the city that is. How is a world without the agents of order going to look like for YOU? You truly think that you’ll be able to make it and continue living your life of convenience, or that you’ll “figure it out”? Or that the solution will spring out of the common good once we attain it? No. Whether you like it or not, this is the city reality. You signed up for it. You agreed to it. You outsourced your pain and now you’ll get what the handlers are willing to provide in exchange for your giving up of the hard work. And I’m not mocking or shaming you. There’s tons of people in that situation. I was born and raised in a city, and I still live in the city myself, but I’ve become very much aware of reality and I’m not planning on keeping up with this cycle any longer. 

Insert everything that the #DefundThePolice movement is demanding into this world and think about it. Many cities have already done it or commenced procedures to defund their police departments. Seattle’s city council is debating on a 50% slash of the city’s police department funding. New York City’s Bill de Blasio proudly cut NYPD’s funding by $1 billion. Other cities will follow. Every time a city council convenes to vote on the city’s budget, protests and riots are swiftly put together where clueless women and feminized men gather around to cry for their imaginary lack of justice. Remember the communist uprisings from the 1960s? Yes, I’m referring to the mass protests and riots, in which the communist hippie saviors who ended up becoming your Marxist college professors participated, and the domestic terrorist organizations who burnt down and tore the country apart because they had fallen in love with little Karl’s delusions. Yes, I’m referring to that piece of American history. Remember what ensued during the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s? Remember the cities’ soaring high crime rates from those years? Remember New York City, crime capital of the world? Get ready for that. Prepare for it. You had it so easy up until now that you love to pretend you live during a plague and the agents of order amidst the hellscape of chaos are the evil guys responsible for your degenerate delusional broken world.

Same goes for Seattle’s ANTIFA autonomous zone area (CHAZ/CHOP). You had it so well that now you thought having a communist group occupying your backyard and creating segregated vegetable gardens on top of cardboard is somehow righteous and you are helping “the cause”. Remember how people living around CHAZ couldn’t get help or law enforcement to reach them for rape and break-ins? You see how New York City’s shootings skyrocketed by what, more than 200%, over the past few weeks? You see how crime around cities altogether has soared? You do see it, and you know it, but you don’t know why it’s happening. This is the most insane part of it all. And you can poindexter and “fact-check” percentages as much as you want, but you can’t escape reality. You can only reject it and operate under a pretense, but you can never escape it.

Overall, America’s cities have been relatively safe over the past 30 years DUE TO high policing. I know you don’t like to hear that because you repeatedly watched a video of an instance of police brutality, for which the cop is going to prison. But if you are actually concerned about minorities and poor neighborhoods as you so virtuously claim, how is less policing exactly going to help these areas? The areas that experience the most crime, the most shootings, the most violence. The areas that would experience the most emboldened criminal faction if you defund or abolish the police. Make a coherent sensible argument on that one. YOU make it! Don’t just parrot revisionist history and feel-good bullshit that your communist professor regurgitated during social justice class. Less policing HURTS minorities in poor neighborhoods. Less policing CREATES food deserts.


I’ll open up a sidetone over here, because I keep ruminating on this theory, but THIS might be the intent of white liberals. I mean the intent of the higher ups, not the weaponized street retards. In my opinion. Maybe we shouldn’t attribute to malice what we can attribute to stupidity when it comes to the city moth people but in this case the stupidity is so high, I’m starting to think that maybe the goal itself is malicious. The goal is less policing in the inner city community so that more inner city folks end up not making it. Maybe that is the GOAL of the handlers, not just the result of their stupid decisions, as many fellow conservatives like to think. Remember the hundreds of thousands of aborted black babies per year? That’s not on conservatives. That’s on white liberals. I DO NOT want those human beings chopped up and thrown in the trash, or their body parts sold like scrap metal. Yet the liberal keeps casting the spell of semantics by using words like “healthcare” to describe these acts. It is very difficult to not attribute malicious intent when malicious outcomes keep being the very result of the liberals’ agenda.


Since I entered the Left/Right paradigm, let’s talk about politics of the American city for a bit. Who’s the main base of the Democrat party? Urban. Fact. A very observable fact. The entire Democrat base lives in cities. You take out urban areas and you won’t find that much blue on the American map. You have to remember that the VAST majority of America’s land votes traditional conservative. That is they know that abortion is just a sterile word for murder, they know guns are there to protect you, and they know that injecting hormones into your child to mutilate him is not compassion, tolerance, and love, it’s child abuse. Cities, however, are America’s Democrat progressive strongholds. Even during times of relative city peace, you can’t point to a city whose progressive policies made the place more safe, peaceful, prosperous, and not broken.

And I know this is again going to sound like I’m gloating, but I promise I’m not. There is a part of me that feels very disheartened when I look at cities. As I observe the situation, and I know the people, and now I witness their “OMG, WHAT’S HAPPENING!” reaction, I can’t help but be like “Yeah, I mean, THAT’S what you wanted, right? That’s what you’re always bitching about, right? You are loudly and deeply progressive, you want a revolution, you bitch about “the system”, and America, and America’s history, and all of that, and…now you’re not happy when you got what you wanted? Now you are scared and concerned? Do you see why half the country is against this shit?” And the irony here is the answer is NO. You still don’t see. You still somehow don’t know why your cities are burning. You’re trying to find another scapegoat as to why you’re failing. You somehow think it’s just NOT ENOUGH cultural Marxism, and diversity trainings, and yoga studios, and artisanal cafes, and talks about feelings, and opportunities for the marginalized, there’s not ENOUGH needle disposal bins at Starbucks, there’s not ENOUGH drag queen story hours at the public library, there’s not ENOUGH black squares on Instagram. You somehow think that all the bullshit that got you there in the first place is simply not enough and that’s why you’re failing. You just need more of it.

Much like a private endeavor versus a government program. If a private enterprise starts an initiative and they pour some money into the initiative and in a couple years they see it’s failing, what happens? They cut the program. It’s not working. When the government starts a program or initiative and pour money into it and run it for a number of years and it’s not working, what happens then? They pour more money into it. That’s what they always do. They never cut it. Even though it’s painfully obvious it’s not working. Even though it’s painfully obvious that it might even have a detrimental effect on the community. Just pour more money into it. Even better. Expand it! AND pour more money in it. That will do it and it will work. Same with you. You just have to pour more Leftist bullshit and then it will sure work!


Remember, in the upside down world, this community is the one that calls itself the enlightened highly educated elite. They are the moral betters, the justice seekers, the truth tellers. As we saw with CHAZ and the other protests/riots around the country, the utopia didn’t last long and they didn’t know why. Very soon the CHAZ people started yelling “WHERE THE FUCK IS MY LAPTOP!?” “OH, FUCK, MY CASH IS GONE! THAT GUY HAS IT! WHERE’S CHAZ SECURITY?” “WHERE ARE THE KEYS TO MY CAR!” Not long after, several people were shot and some died in the autonomous zone. And the city dwellers, including the encouraging mayor whose head CHAZ wanted on a platter, who cheered on to people like CHAZ and the rioters soon started crying about not being able to reach police and call for help when they needed it. “AHHH, FUCK! WHAT HAPPENED?” And you still don’t realize what happened. Because again, these Democrat hellscapes keep thinking that the reason they are burning is that they are not doing enough of what they are already doing. They can’t fathom that what they’ve been doing is the REASON why they’ve become hellscapes. Instead, they think it’s just not enough, if we double and triple down then we’ll reach peak utopia. And they’ll keep burning and spiraling and suffering. Because you can’t see the detrimental effects of what you are doing until you stop doing it.


Let’s end on a good note. I think 2020 is a wonderful time to be alive if you are able to see. More red pills are being taken than ever. You are seeing truths that people who’ve lived generations never knew existed. And people are seeing the truth again because when you see evil you see that there is an opposing force to evil. You see the pure vacancy, evacuation, and abdication of people who are not there to see their mother as she dies in hospice, yet they root for George Floyd’s golden casket funeral attended by thousands of people, amongst whom the same government officials who told them they can’t attend their mother’s funeral. Yes, there’s those people. The evacuated. And then there’s other people that go “Oh, shit, I gotta seriously figure out what this world is.”

The solution? Get out of cities and stop outsourcing your pain.

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