The Objective Truth — The Most Important Aspect of a Successful Society

By Daily Viper / February 28, 2018

Let’s talk about objective truths and human societies for a moment. Because today, in 2018, we desperately need to do so. These facts may hurt your feelings, but nevertheless these are the actual facts, whether you like them or not.

Why have we become civilized? Why does our human society behave in the way it does? And specifically why is Western culture objectively and factually better than other cultures? The answer to all of these questions is the existence of this thing called an Objective TruthThere are certain things that are true, that we have agreed upon, and these truths are what’s driving our society into order, normalcy, and prosperity.

What is an objective truth? It’s actually very easy. An objective truth is the answer to such paramount and easy questions such as:

Is it okay to rape?

Is it okay to steal?

Is pedophilia good or bad?

Is it okay to murder?

Is it okay to lie?

In my opinion, an objective truth is also the answer to questions such as:

Is Marxism good or bad?

The answer to these questions seems easy to the eye of a Westerner. That is because we have developed a society based on objective truths. The answer is either a resounding No or a resounding Yes. A resounding Good, or a resounding Bad. There is no grey area and there is no place for ambiguous answers like “It depends.” No, rape is never good, and it is never okay. No, pedophilia is not good, and it is never okay. No, Marxism is not a good ideology, and that doesn’t depend on anything or anyone.

Once you start answering these questions with the ambiguous “It depends”, you know your society is beginning to break up or worse, it is already broken. Just look at Europe. Europe, a place which has been getting more and more secular, and ignoring Christianity and its teachings, is finding itself in acinine situations (especially with the flooding of refugees from other cultures) and in the midst of debates whether rape is bad or justified, whether marriage to underage children should be legalized and how it should be justified. If this sounds to you like the plot of a low-budget dystopian movie, it is because it is precisely like the plot of a grossly dystopian low-rated movie. That is why there is no doubt in my mind and I can say absolutely resoundingly — Europe has fallen and it is not coming back.

In the meantime, here in the US, we are finding ourselves in the midst of debates between collectivist Marxists like Bernie Sanders. I think this would be a great litmus test for Bernie to see if he would like to disavow The Communist Manifesto. And by all objective truths the answer should be a resounding Yes, I disavow Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Why? Because it is an evil ideology that has led to the deaths of millions upon millions upon millions of people. It has never worked and never will, because it defies all laws of human nature. Ordinary people forget these things. They seem so far away from us now that young, malleable, and impressionable minds are being lured by the manipulations of a 76 year-old loon bag from Vermont. That is an objective truth.

We’ve been hearing the answer “It depends.” over and over again in recent years and I dare to disagree completely. No, it doesn’t depend. The fact of the matter is the human animal is an uncivilized animal. We are apes. And civilization and objective truths that help us get through life is what separates us from being savages, from being animals. The fact of the matter is some cultures are superior to others. I can’t stand it when I hear the argument that some cultures are just different, cultures bear the same importance, and that no culture is better than another. This is a complete and total lie of the globalist media and political collectivist complex. Western culture is superior to other cultures because it has created an environment where we don’t dig up dead people in order to dance with them, we don’t marry underage children, and we don’t rape women, throw acid at them, and beat them with stones because they allowed us to rape them. Again, Western civilization, society, and living environment were created by the existence of objective truths. The objective truth is our common ground. It is the starting point of our coexistence, of our communication, and our advancement. Without this paramount starting point, there is no reason for us to go forward or even try. That is the fact of the matter, whether you like it or not.

Earlier, I mentioned Christianity. I’ll explain why and I’ll end here. Whether you are religious or not, we can trace these objective truths to the Bible and to the Ten Commandments that God handed to Moses in Exodus. The Ten Commandments are the original objective truths that have led to the creation of an orderly working society. I will reiterate this, it doesn’t matter if you are religious or not, you just have to be intellectually honest to recognize that this Biblical pillar has created a successful society by all and I mean ALL measurable standards. Not most, but all.

No, it didn’t happen overnight. Breaking news! — Nothing happens overnight. But the Ten Commandments in the Bible were and still are the cornerstone of objective truths. Unfortunately, the eradication of the idea that objective truths exist is growing faster. Europe has already fallen. I can only hope that America will keep its conservative awakening long enough and will not fall for the trap.

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