RESUME: The War on Christmas


It is that time of year again. No, I’m not talking about the bevy of gym subscriptions that will undoubtedly end up in the gutter by mid-January. It is the time of year when the Left resumes its war on Christmas in the name of tolerance, acceptance, and diversity. Every single year the word Christmas seems to be fading away in public spaces at a faster pace than Obama’s legacy. Every single year there’s yet another song or Christmas symbol that the social justice Left goes on a crusade to ban and destroy out of existence. And every single year we are more and more excoriated if we dare to utter the words Merry Christmas instead of the coveted Happy Holidays.

Everyone, from the barista at the local coffee shop to the doorman at the department store to the cashier to the waiter to the cab driver to your boss, sends you off by wishing you Happy Holidays. One of the things that personally shocked me this year was that my city recently had the official lighting of our “Holiday Tree”. Really? Holiday tree? I am curious what other holiday celebrates the season by having a decorated Christmas tree? Although we have to give it to the city that did not miss out on adding a Peace symbol ornament right next to its LOVE sign. So. Woke. I can almost feel John Lennon whispering Imagine in my ear.


2018 Holiday Tree disguised as a Christmas Tree

People say that there is no war on Christmas. We are just ignorant intolerant simpletons who don’t respect other cultures and are just making up some vast right-wing conspiracy theory by claiming that there is a war on Christmas. I’m sure the Left would be happy to channel their inner Obama by calling us “bitter clingers.” As Dennis Prager very accurately points out in this PragerU video, regular people have started to feel uncomfortable when they even hear the words Merry Christmas. So here I am to say it loud and clear…

No, it is not the holiday season! It is in fact the Christmas season. It is one of America’s national holidays and it is the most important holiday in the Christian tradition. And the Left hates that. Now you may ask why wouldn’t it be the holiday season? Christmas is not the only holiday during the month of December, we should respect other cultures and be inclusive, we shouldn’t be taking over the season. Alright, let’s take the time to examine those other holidays, shall we.

  • First, we got the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, which begins on a different date every year and is observed for eight days. Now this is not to offend the Jewish culture, I like Hanukkah, but the fact is Hanukkah is not a major Jewish holiday of the same major scope as Christmas is. While Hanukkah celebrates the resilience of the Jewish faith at the face of Hellenism, it does not hold the same value and importance in Jewish tradition as Christmas does for the Christian tradition when we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Ben Shapiro (a practicing Orthodox Jew) wrote a great piece in the Jewish Journal called Hanukkah is Not Christmas. It is definitely worth the read and he’s been addressing this for years now. I have great respect for this tradition and I don’t mind Hanukkah decorations and celebrations alongside Christmas, but if we have to talk about a Jewish holiday season, the time around Christmas is just not it. It would be September.
  • Next, we got Boxing day, which is a British holiday and last I checked we kicked these guys out 250 years ago. All jokes aside, Boxing day is also directly tied to Christmas, so it not being part of the Christmas season doesn’t fly.
  • Next we got my favorite holiday of all, Kwanzaa. If you didn’t catch the irony, this is a secular pan-African holiday that spans over seven days by lighting a candle each day (doesn’t remind us of Hanukkah at all!) and celebrating African heritage and black nationalism. With the radical Left’s blessing, this holiday was invented by Maulana Karenga (born Ronald Everett) a former Black Power activist/communist and convicted criminal, who spent years in prison for torturing a couple of women, so I wouldn’t put him on a pedestal as a role model for holiday cheer. And let’s not forget those 6 and a half people who celebrate Kwanzaa worldwide, so I also wouldn’t call that a mainstream holiday which deserves to be held to the same standard as the most important Christian celebration of the year either.
  • Lastly, some claim that part of the Holiday season is the winter solstice, which every sane person might think is a ridiculous thing to celebrate alongside Christmas (kind of like celebrating a full moon if it happens to coincide with your birthday), but last year, the Philadelphia Ethical Society actually had a winter solstice celebration. Now, they didn’t have a Christmas celebration or anything of that sort, because you know…ethics. Although, rest assured, if they were to celebrate any other holiday, I’m sure Kwanzaa would top their list. So. Woke.

One piece at a time, the Left wants to scrape every bit of Christmas away, until the month of December becomes the month of the faceless holy days and not the month of Advent. Then the Left will realize that holidays has too much holyness in it and they will morph it into the Winter season. Which is actually happening in Europe. The most woke place on Earth. Some places in Europe are renaming their Christmas village markets to winter festivities markets with winter decorations for the winter season, in order to not offend anybody and be inclusive.

So what is the result from trying to bring down Christmas to an unimportant level, to a level where it is just another random Holy Day, and not the most important celebration of Christian tradition? The result is that we will inevitably stray further and further away from our tradition, culture, and values and we will end up in a 100% secular society that lacks a healthy social fabric, one that has erased the glue that sticks us together. The Left hates the fact that Christmas is a national holiday that pays homage to the country’s origins and values. And even though, rightfully so, here we have separation of church and state, religion has in fact played a vast role in the formation and the core principles of this country. Christmas reminds us of that and the Left hates it, which is why they are at war with the Christmas season. The goal is to eradicate and replace it with the much more secular Holiday season.

I’ll leave you with the plain and simple DO NOT be afraid to say Merry Christmas. It is a national holiday, it is a pillar of our culture and civilization, it always will be. Although, just wait until leftists realize that the word holiday comes from Holy Day. Yikes!

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