I Feel Sorry for Tess Holliday

By Daily Viper / September 20, 2018

One of the biggest figures (no pun intended) of the fat acceptance movement aka the love thyself movement aka #effyourbeautystandards (Jesus Christ, I’m gonna get brain aneurysm before I’m finished with this…) Tess Holliday, appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan UK and to the SJWs out there this was the greatest and most woke progressive thing on the planet.

Now, as a conservative, my problem with this is different from what you might think. Up to that point I simply knew who Tess Holliday was, never paid much attention to her or what she is doing, so now I decided to check out what her deal is. Her entire Instagram consists of modeling pictures, some nudes, some semi-nudes, some just showing off clothes, or some simply showing us how fierce she is by…showing us more brave nudes and semi-nudes. All of them are accompanied by the hashtag #effyourbeautystandards and some caption that revolves around her and how beautiful and amazing and great she is. In some, she is boasting about her state-of-the-art health. And then there’s the comments. All of them are effectively cheering her on and entertaining her image of beauty and superiority, which brings me to my problem with this woman. I can’t stop but think about how sorry I feel for her. I truly am.

I feel sorry for her and for everyone else in the fat acceptance movement. Seriously. These are a bunch of people whose history of bullying and lack of self-confidence has ultimately led them to having zero self-awareness and ownership of their flaws. They simply cannot admit that whatever they may be doing in terms of diet or exercise may in fact not be the right thing. Not for them, not for humanity, not for the sake of truth and definitely not for the future of proper medical diagnosis. In their world, acceptance and preservation of feelings is all that matters. Everything that revolves around them is justified. Severe obesity, like Tess’s, is not okay. Those kneecaps are not going to replace themselves after you’ve exhausted them of their life power. You got one pair of kneecaps for the rest of your life.

Now I don’t like the hateful comments toward the woman either. Simply going after her about how obese she is adds to her convictions that she should just eff your beauty standards. I can’t stress this enough, but IT IS NOT ABOUT ANYBODY’S BEAUTY STANDARDS. It’s about what is right. And what is right is to at least acknowledge and have ownership of the fact that you are not perfect, work on yourself, on your health, on your body. Be the best possible version of yourself. I’m sure what we see on that cover is not the best version of Tess Holliday possible. You ARE able to give those joints a little bit of help. Instead, what the fat acceptance movement is trying to do is somehow tell US that we are the problem and that it’s all a societal construct. That being obese is not in fact being obese, it is just a societal construct made up by the patriarchy. Bullshit.

I genuinely feel sorry for her. She’s still young, but at this size, her life-expectancy doesn’t look too good and the people who keep cheering her and creating a cabal around #effyourbeautystandards are an enormous part of the problem. I think this is nasty and it eventually won’t end up being beneficial for Tess Holliday and her peers. These people want all of us to skew our idea of what is good and what is bad. It is one thing to say I am weak, I can’t lose weight but I still acknowledge that there is a right order to things. It is a completely different thing to say that there is no such thing as healthy and unhealthy, good or bad, right or wrong and everything is subjective. For that, once again, I feel very sorry for Tess Holliday.

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