Why Do We Keep Devaluing Life?

By Daily Viper / April 2, 2018

I’ve been thinking a lot about the inherent value of life. In part due to events happening in my personal life and in part due to things that I see happening in our society on an everyday basis.

I am not going to focus this post on abortion but I will use it as my first point in this argument. First, I would like to admit that I used to be pro abortion (or pro-choice, whatever you wish to call it) but as I got older and learned more about life, people, and society, my views changed. I don’t care what your feelings toward abortion are, because in the context of what I am about to share, it shouldn’t matter. You simply have to be honest with yourself.

It should be pretty obvious to everyone that in order to normalize abortions, we have skewed our perception of life, human development, and existence in such a way that right now we live in a world where abortion is considered a mere procedure like the removal of a tumor, the removal of a “cluster of cells” like every third-wave feminist would describe it, the getting rid of an inconvenience, and not the ending of a human life. I’m using the word ‘normalize’ because an abortion, the intentional ending of a human life, on a metaphysical level, is simply not normal. This is a human life with its own separate DNA and a developing system from the second it is conceived. A life with its own future and its own potential. There are a number of arguments that the pro-choice lobby would love to throw at that and I would like to leave that discussion for another post. But the most important thing that I wish the readers could take away from this is that we are talking about the body and life of the newly formed human being and the value that this little human has, and that is on a whole separate level from that of the mother. I guess the question that a moderate pro-choice individual would pose is ‘When do we put value in this separate human life?’ Said pro-choice individual would say that this is how we could evaluate when it would be okay to pull the plug on the baby. If it doesn’t have value, then it’s okay to pull the plug.

I’ve heard this a lot from moderate pro-choice individuals and I think this is where things get dicey. The devaluation of innocent human life is an indicator that a healthy society is disintegrating and is heading into a bad and very unpredictable direction. You might think “Well, these things are not related. I may think a cluster of cells doesn’t have value but I sure think that a developed adult human has value and I would never devalue them.” Really? You truly think that a culture that is normalizing the getting rid of life due to inconvenience (This is the fact for the overwhelmingly vast majority of cases.) gives a whole lot of sh*t about the life of grown individuals? As the prominent Commie Marxist Leon Trotsky, also known as Stalin’s sidekick until Stalin ordered his assassination, once said “We must rid ourselves once and for all of the Quaker-Papist babble about the sanctity of human life.” I wanted to include a quote from Planned Parenthood’s prominent founder Margaret Sanger but there’s so many that would make you sick that looking all of them up is quite worth it.

Whether you support Planned Parenthood or not doesn’t really matter. And no matter how much Wikipedia would love to have Sanger’s description as “birth control activist” and a “nurse”, there’s plenty of evidence that Sanger was a eugenicist and a eugenics scholar and she, unlike many of today’s birth control activists, was not hiding it. Except for this time when she wrote the following “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

It is important to note that these kinds of quotes are almost exclusively reserved for and heard from individuals on the Left. That being said, this is why the issue of individual human life, and its importance and value is in my opinion actually about Left and Right ideologies.

On the same note, just like society has normalized the devaluation of a life that is at its dawn, people also devalue those lives that are waning. Time and time again, I hear people dismissing seniors and their time left among us as useless, worthless, and gone. Yes, we all age and yes, we all die. Some people are at the beginning of their lives and some don’t have much time left. But it is life nevertheless. And we should cherish it. It was given to us by our Creator, whether you want to call this creator God, Nature, Mother Nature, Science, or the Matrix. Each and every one of us was granted life and we should all try to preserve it and make the best of it until the very last drop that we have left.

I didn’t decide to write this post for the emotional value of it or to be a moral authority. Rather, I would like people to start thinking about the value of individual life, even more so about the life of individual human beings and try to adopt the mindset that “It ain’t over till it’s over,” to borrow the line from Rocky Balboa, as trivial as it might be.

I also know that some people might try to argue and ask why am I babbling all of this mantra about the value of human life, yet, I support capital punishment. After all, is that not life as well, granted by our Creator? I would say that yes, it is life and just as much as it was granted to each and every one of us, throughout our lives we make our own choices and decisions, which ultimately may lead to our own self-devaluation. The value of an innocent human being who hasn’t done any harm to anyone is not equal to that of a depraved serial murderer or rapist. It simply isn’t. Bad behavior should not be rewarded and when it comes to gruesome criminal acts, I think that capital punishment is justified.

Another argument would be that The Bible’s Ten Commandments tell us that we should not kill. How do you justify that? Pretty easy. The Bible actually says “Do not murder.” which is not the same as “Do not kill.” In Hebrew, murder and kill are two different words. Kill is used in the context of killing people who are not innocent, killing during times of war, and killing for food. The 6th Commandment clearly states “Do not murder.” which in the context of the Bible is the taking of innocent life deliberately and with predetermination. Murdering innocent people is wrong, it should not happen and is not analogous to capital punishment reserved for dangerous, heinous criminals.

The final point I would like to make is about how the importance of life pertains to the importance of the 2nd Amendment. After all, we live in times when just days ago a former Supreme Court Justice, John Stevens, said that the 2nd Amendment, the right to bear arms, should be repealed altogether.

I think that the value and importance of life goes hand in hand with our natural-given right to preserve and protect it. (Yes, with guns.) And we should do everything in our ability to protect it. Even if we don’t think about it consciously, we are biologically programmed to preserve and protect ourselves. That is why we have biologically ingrained instincts like the fight-or-flight response and body reflexes that we sometimes can’t even control. Even going back to my first point, an unborn baby also has these reflexes and fights for its life. During the actual act of abortion, the baby moves around in an attempt to escape the probe used to kill it. This instinct is in our DNA, it is preprogrammed in every cell of our body from the second this “cluster of cells” is conceived and said cells begin dividing and multiplying.

I don’t want this post to turn into a singular pro-2nd Amendment article but these things are intertwined and I do think that this issue is political. If the forefathers of Leftism and Communism spoke of life the way they did and did the things the way we know they did by espousing values like the common good, collectivism, kowtowing to authority and government, and not questioning government’s decisions, then what are the real thoughts and intentions of the leaders of the Left of today and why do they keep doing the same things like their predecessors? Maybe they’ve changed the tune a little bit and they don’t say the things that their heroes used to say out loud anymore, but the message is the same and the end goal is the same. They claim to be progressive, ahead of things, but are they really? They switched the word Communism to Progressivism and Liberalism in the hopes that people won’t remember or won’t recognize the symptoms of their agenda. They hope that people won’t remember why they want their guns taken from them. The Founding Fathers understood that, they understood the importance of life, its value and our inherent right to protect it from invaders or tyrants. This is the time when we should go back to the real revolutionary thought, the thought that Leftists want to stir away from, the documents that they want to rewrite and repeal. This is what America is about and this is why this country is great and what made it great.

It was true then and it is true now. And it is something that is worth conserving.

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