How Germany’s Bauhaus Destroyed Beauty, Architecture, and Design


To use the popular leftist hashtag, #notall things that come from Germany are bad, but you can count that if it originates from Germany, there is a very high chance that it’s going to suck and it’s going to be destructive in some way. That is why I wanted to talk about Bauhaus.

In addition to being home to a number of leftists and mass murderers, Germany also gave birth to many other atrocious things, such as Bauhaus.

In short, Bauhaus was an art school that operated from 1919 until 1933 in Germany and was famous for its design, typography, and cultural modernism, which the school introduced in European architecture and subsequently spread like a virus around the world. A virus so ugly and gross, whenever you think of it, the only imagery that comes to mind is a medical museum’s showcase of STD infections. Just like STDs, they publicized and spread the disease that is their design and style around the world but I’ll get to that later.


The Palace of Versailles (Image source: Pixabay)

When Americans think of Europe, more often than not, we think of the gracious and beautiful historical architecture, design, and intricacy of Paris, Rome, London, and even Berlin. Hey, at some point, Germany DID produce some things that were not completely atrocious! Back to the point, Americans think of the Louvre and Versailles, of the beautiful Viennese ballrooms and the Vatican, of the Buckingham palace and the fountains across Italy. Overall, we think of the beauty that Europe has created in terms of art and architecture throughout the centuries. This beauty and style was even brought here to America. You just have to take a look at some of the buildings in Old City Philadelphia or Boston and you will see an intricate amount of classical architecture mixed in with the classical American colonial style. You can look at the mansions in Newport, RI for more proof. Or Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. Or you can look at magnificent buildings in New York City like City Hall. Speaking of City Hall, how about Philadelphia’s City Hall, one of the most beautiful City Hall buildings in the world! But I’m going off on a tangent. My point was that Europe has a long-standing history of beauty, style, art, and architecture, and all of that was also brought to America.

And then … we got Bauhaus, the granddaddy of modern and post-modern European architecture. Boy, oh boy, did they create some eyesores! If this picture of a Bauhaus building reminds you of an asylum, I wouldn’t blame you. Just walk around cities in the former European Communist bloc and people will show you the kindergardens, hospitals, police departments, and other buildings constructed during the lovely socialist era, and they will inevitably look exactly like this basket case.


Bauhaus building in Dessau, Germany (Image source: Wikipedia)

The school of Bauhaus created the modern soulless apartment building architecture, the angular-shaped cubicle-type design of airports, hospitals, movie theaters, and other buildings from the modernist era. And the typography. Yes, the infamous Bauhaus typography that every member of the Eastern Communist bloc in Europe knows so very well.


Bauhaus Typography (Image source: Wikipedia)

You can still see this typography (in a deteriorating state) adorning some of the older buildings across Eastern Europe. If you’ve traveled to that part of the world, or you happen to live there, you know exactly what I’m talking about. And all of it is so soulless, so ugly, so despotically uniform, so reminiscent of the uselessness of Kazimir Malevich’s “iconic” Black Square (which happens to be an artistic eyesore from around the same time period). For the record, this is a picture of the Black Square. Yes, it is just a black square, and it’s “iconic”.


“Black Square”, painting by Kazimir Malevich, 1915 (Image source: Wikipedia)

Speaking of Russia, historians are comparing Bauhaus’ style to that of the Russian Vkhutemas school. And they are right. Both are equally egregious, ugly, and leftist. Why leftist? Because when was the last time you met a leftist who likes something that stands out, or even likes the idea itself of something standing out? No, no, no, leftists like universality, universal income, universal wealth, universal looks, universal ugliness and misery, which they will manipulatively paint with the brush that would manipulatively bear the name “equality”. Same goes for architecture. With leftists you get the same universal, cubicle-like bloc of concrete and angular-shaped, unaesthetic, non-symmetrical monuments. You can still see these monuments as remnants of that era in Europe, but unfortunately you can see them across America as well.

Have you walked around a college campus looking at the class gifts around the school’s property lately? You’ll get an array of monuments. You’ll see the old monuments, beautiful marble statues, maybe of George Washington or the patron of the school, paintings and reliefs from the American Revolution, the Civil War, or a historic athletic championship victory. And all of a sudden some hideous deformity would peak here and there and you would wonder which so-called artistic mind has the pleasure to torture our senses. Perhaps, the monument would resemble this Bauhaus founder’s brainchild.


Expressionist Monument to the March Dead by Walter Gropius (Image source: Wikipedia)

You would read the title of the piece and it would say something vague and obscure like “Fight for Light” or “Chain of Knowledge”. You wouldn’t want to say it out loud, but you know it’s a piece of sht. Actually, it’s not a piece of sht, because you can at least use sh*t as fertilizer. It’s a piece of nothing. It’s a waste of space. It’s a waste of time. It’s a lie. For that you can thank the masterminds at schools like Bauhaus and Vkhutemas. Because these artists and architects, deprived of talent and a feeling for aesthetics, deprived of understanding how important these things are for a healthy society, and sore by the fact that having something stand out as beautiful means in some way inequality of outcome and inequality of ability, wanting everything to be equally hideous and disgusting, created these modernist and now post-modernist schools to make themselves feel better. Good job! Now, because of your untalented sore asses, generations of people are forced to live with, around, and in these deformities.

While we are still on the subject of Russia, I wanted to very quickly point something out and give you a visual and obvious example of what I mean when I say that these schools of thought and design destroyed the objective truth of beauty and talent. The first photo is of the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, an old beautiful building that bears a classical Russian aesthetic and feel.


Tretyakov Gallery (Image source:

Now this one is the so-called New Tretyakov Gallery that houses 20th century modern art. The visual speaks for itself. Who’s the person who is going to say that the first is not more aesthetically pleasing than the second, that the first doesn’t create a sense of dignity and would make people feel much better living around it than the second one? Oh, I know who! A leftist! The fact is that the building here is pure ugliness through and through.


New Tretyakov Gallery (Image source: Wikipedia)

Back to Bauhaus, because these may be different countries and supposedly different schools but they aren’t so different after all. These schools of design are all disseminating the same empty style, cold and uniform, minimalistic and uninspiring. This is what Bauhaus and the likes helped create. And as I said earlier, their influence spread like a disease. It spread through Europe and its emerging leftist countries, including Germany, Italy, Great Britain, France, the entire Eastern bloc, and eventually the United States.

In addition to art and architecture, Bauhaus had a severe impact on interior design. They brought minimalism, and lack of creativity and imagination to a whole new level of nothing. Their style was and still is basically IKEA on steroids. Cheap materials, not built to last, and an overall feel of an untalented loser’s participation trophy.

The following is a picture of Bauhaus’ cafeteria. If it reminds you of IKEA’s meatball cafeteria, it is because it looks exactly like IKEA’s meatball cafeteria. Now imagine all the students eating here, looking around for inspiration to create interior design that is going to clock the world right in the face.


Bauhaus Cafeteria (Image source: Wikipedia)

While on the amenities of the Bauhaus school, here’s an inspirational picture of one of the dorm buildings.


Bauhaus dorm (Image source: Wikipedia)

Beautiful, isn’t it? Almost like a Swedish prison. Let’s contrast that to one of University of Pennsylvania’s dorms built in the 19th century.


The Quadrangle, University of Pennsylvania (Image source: Wikipedia)

Isn’t it pretty obvious which one is more aesthetically pleasing and creatively designed? Or it depends? I think we are being presented with another conundrum of the objective truth here.

InfoWars’ Paul Joseph Watson did a great video a while back on the topic, titled “Why Modern Architecture Sucks” and while the video doesn’t talk about Bauhaus, I think it’s worth checking out because it provides a great point on the difference between objective beauty and the deformity we call modern architecture today.

Now if you want to contradict me and say that I am only showing the buildings and the architecture that the rich of the past have created on the backs of the poor, I’ll tell you that you don’t actually want to understand my point. These schools brought us to a state where we are content with living in a plywood cube furnished with half-ass junk from IKEA, or a tower called an apartment building made of who knows what, unable to escape if there’s a fire, living like we are in an ant farm and again, furnished with half-ass junk from IKEA. What I’m saying is it is not about the price of the building, it is about the way it looks, what it’s made of, the feeling that it permeates in society and the way it affects us as we live inside these ugly deformities.

To finish off, I’d like to shed some light on the latest hideous architectural masterpiece that is soon going to adorn the American skyline — the Barack Obama Presidential Library.


Barack Obama Presidential Library (Image source: Chicago Tribune)

My God! If you haven’t seen other Presidential Libraries, I sincerely urge you to do so, because it will bring this atrocity into perspective. Former President Obama claims that this design represents four hands or palms joined together to represent unity. My initial thought was that it looks like a Chinese take-out box. Then I heard Ben Shapiro compare it to a Chinese take-out box. Then some other people said it looks like a Chinese take-out box. I think we can all concede on that. Congratulations, America, we’ve come a long way, all the way to a Chinese take-out box. But I assure you of one thing. This building is not going to stop looking like a Chinese take-out box as much as you would love to call it beautiful, and the post-modern college campus class gift monument is not going to stop looking like a deformed disease as much as you would love to call it art, and Malevich’s painting is never going to be anything more than just a black square as much as you would love to attribute a profound meaning to it. Thanks, Bauhaus!

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