“Of Cooooourse” — The Fall of the Young Turd Cenk Uygur


I know I’m late on this one, but I can’t stop laughing every time I see this clown pop up online. And with the biased algorithms of tech companies like Google, this happens a lot…

Toward the end of 2017, Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks was in for a treat. The big-boned host’s long-lost personal blog was excavated from the depths of the web and published for all of us to enjoy and pick into this genius’s braindead cells. Ok, I’ll stop with the sarcastic insults here because this is actually important.

Once the blog came out, the whole world seemed to be shocked and appalled by the sexist and inappropriate language that Uygur used, along with the fact that 90% of his posts revolve around his sexual escapades, out-of-this-world insatiable libido, and keeping track of how many boobs he’s grabbed in one night. When I personally read that, I laughed and didn’t pay that much attention to these parts. A guy talking about women and sex is not really breaking news to anyone. Is it respectable talk? No. Is it virtuous? No. Is it something worthy of emulating? No. But again, it’s not breaking news either.

What really bothered me, as I was reading his posts, was something that no-one seemed to mention, notice, or care about. That is his overall treatment of human beings, his comments about senior citizens, and his self-absorption and disregard for others in general. Reading his blog, I was left with the impression that this is not a particularly good guy at heart. Forget about the sex talk for a moment and take a look at his behavior.

For example, in his Why are Old People Such Assholes? post he notes that an elderly woman who wanted to take her granddaughter to a Mardi Gras celebration to eat marshmallows is an “old bitch” because she doesn’t appreciate the sex orgies of New Orleans. To put it in his own words “Screw the old bastards. If they want to roll over and die, let them.” He poses intriguing and deep questions directed at the woman, such as “Do you remember the first time somebody ever ate you out?” then followed by his assumption “Maybe not, because it is possible nobody has ever eaten you out (that’s a problem that is not likely to be remedied at this stage).” This, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the leading progressive thinkers of the Left, this is the voice of Bernie Sanders in the online media, this is the supposedly Good Samaritan in the fight against the evil conservative block. He will save you, he is and will be the light of progress and free stuff. I know the guy apologized for his blog posts and his comments, he said he was young, he was stupid, he has changed and so on and so forth, but still, this train of thought of the 33 year-old not-so-young Cenk makes you wonder what kind of a human being is he at the core. The frail age of 33 is in fact not so frail after all. He wasn’t 15, or 18, or even 23; he was 33. He was a fully developed grown man with life experiences and enough time to develop a foundational worldview that would lead him to eventually become the progressive Messiah and perpetual Bernie lapel pin that he is now.

In his article Girls Who You Hate, but Really Want to Do he talks about his ineffable aggression and sexual attraction towards the actress Calista Flockhart. “God, I can’t stand her little mannerisms. She is so fucking annoying. If she does that wide-eyed look of shock one more time, I am going to lose my mind and clock her. But before I do all that, I’d like to make love to her.” He ends the article with “As absurd as this is, I am sure that 95% of guys know exactly what I am talking about.” which is the part I find even more disturbing. Cenk has very skewed ideas and expectations of other people, which is something to expect from a Leftist. They like to consider other people as mirror images of themselves. They can’t comprehend that there are good people out there, there are honorable people, that there is a whole diverse group of minds and beliefs out there. Instead, when they look outside, they look for the mirror. They see greedy capitalists, immoral people, stealing individuals, when in reality they are just looking at and for a reflection of themselves. Here, Cenk assures us that 95 out of every 100 guys love to fck and then clock a btch.

The assumption that everyone is just like him is a perpetual presence in his posts. Here’s his position on having sex with somebody below you in rank/position at an institution, which I think, as an issue by itself, is very appropriate, considering the current Time’s Up/#MeToo movements. The post is called April 26 and in it, Cenk shares his bewilderedness as to why the Air Force would potentially bring up charges against a Captain for fraternizing with a military member who served below him. Cenk seems so shocked and dismayed at this possibility that he sums it up with this quote, which again shows a lot of his character and showcases his assumption and sought after self-confirmation that everyone thinks and acts the same way he does. “All he did was bang some chick out. Yeah, he used his position of power — don’t we all, in some way. I tell girls all the time about my cool job at a TV station in hopes that will trick them into sleeping with me.” I’ll let you be the judge.

I don’t have enough time to point out all of the troubling snippets derived from Cenk’s mind in these blog posts, since there’s plenty of them to navigate through. I’m sure you can do so by yourself. What I would urge you to do is judge the character of the writer, not the lingo. Of course, there is the degrading tone, in which he talks about women, but among these there’s also his ego talking, his larger-than-life self-absorption and narcissism. As a quick example, in Rules for Dating, the blog post the media kept reporting about, for “Rule 2: There must be orgasm by the fifth date.”, Cenk considered it worth adding a comment to the rule “ If you haven’t delivered by now, you’re done.” Let’s remind ourselves that this was written by the then 32 year-old Cenk Uygur, current progressive champion for women’s rights, equality, and whatever he considers dignity.

These days, Cenk is facing another controversy involving a former employee, who claims that he was treated “differently” at The Young Turks because he is black. We’ll see how that case goes, but until then, Cenk, you should try to live up to your own book of rules. Also, easy on the bacon grease.

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